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Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Recovery
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Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Recovery
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Delivering on your organization’s promise to your customers is job one for all businesses. Organizations of all sizes have recognized the power of mobile computing solutions that improve productivity, allow us to work from nearly any location around the globe whether from the office or the coffee shop and beyond. Technology trends like mobile computing, bring-your-own-device, and digital record keeping all increase productivity and help businesses deliver on this promise, but as data becomes ever more mobile this also increases the risk of data loss due to a system failure or user error.

Endpoint Recovery is a Windows-based backup and recovery solution designed for small business users to backup data from their notebooks, desktops, and tablets to greatly reduce the risk of data loss from system failure or user error. It is a simple solution designed to provide easy, fast recovery, robust file deduplication, reporting and alerting. This set-and-forget application provides continuous backup to an external drive or network attached storage.

Endpoint Recovery offers

  • Robust near continuous backup of your PC data files
  • Reduced backup files size with advanced file deduplication
  • Sort backups on external media, private cloud or local-area network drives
  • Set-and-forget user interface to simplify backup tasks
  • Scheduled backups to simultaneous storage locations

Endpoint Recovery Diagram

Endpoint Recovery is a flexible tool with a robust set of features. You can schedule simple backups or choose from a range of scheduling options, support for multiple simultaneous backup locations, and multiple-users on the same PC.

Flexible scheduling along with support for multiple simultaneous backups, to one or more backup locations, allow you to scale from simple to more complex backup needs across your organization. Backups are aligned to individual user accounts, so multiple-users with different backup needs can be accommodated on a single PC. Account settings are also protected with an administrator password to ensure that policies put in place are enforced.

The startup wizard and backup dashboard enables the user to configure the software to meet their unique backup and recovery requirements. File deduplication, the art of reducing the size of your backup to meet the real-world storage limitations, occurs automatically and does not require user intervention. Backing up to multiple locations simultaneously offers the ultimate flexibility for data backup management of different data types.

Reporting and Alerting

The Endpoint Recovery reporting dashboard gives a snapshot of the current health of your scheduled backups, confirms all desired source files are included and timeline of completed operations or changes down to individual users who created the change. Alerts for potential issues such as low storage space, or failed backup operations due to unavailable storage locations can be scheduled to suit your desired interval and provide updates via either e-mail or Twitter.

Better backup is better data security

Organizations often focus on their data security decision based on compliance or risk avoidance requirements. Enabling data security through authentication, data encryption and threat prevention are fundamental needs in the modern data-centric world. Combining your data security with a robust backup policy enables you and your organization to quickly recover from system loss due to a lost or stolen laptop. Taking steps to establish backup as part of your data security plans helps reduce the risk that your vital business data will be inaccessible at time of need.

Feel confident that your data is secure with Endpoint Recovery. Data backups are created using AES 256-bit encryption so that the backups files you create are protected. We know that encryption is one of the critical elements of protecting your organization from a data breach if your PC is lost or stolen. Backup extends this support to help you recover quickly from these events and ensure authorized users have access to vital business data in the face of a traumatic data loss event.


Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Recovery is available for mixed vendor environments that meet the specifications below.

Supported Client Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows 8, and 8.1
  • Microsoft Windows 10

Hardware Requirements:

  • Processor (minimum): Single core x86
  • Processor (recommended): Dual core (or higher) x86
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM or higher


Download the Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Recovery Data Sheet (.PDF)