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Dell Data Protection | Encryption Personal Edition
All-around data security for small businesses and organizations.

Dell Data Protection | Encryption Personal Edition

Dell Data Protection | Encryption
Personal Edition
Dell Data Protection | Encryption Personal Edition
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While small businesses wrestle with securing endpoint devices, consumerization, globalization and workforce mobility open the door for threats that are more coordinated and coming much faster. Dell can help you gain business assurance and enable an easier path to data protection, compliance and business continuity.

Dell Data Protection | Encryption Personal Edition is designed to assure small businesses and organizations that your data and your customers’ data is secure. The solution provides comprehensive protection found in large organizations, but with local management that is designed for simple deployment. It protects data stored on the system drive and external media incase a laptop or external media is lost or stolen.

A flexible solution with enhanced security, Dell Data Protection | Encryption Personal Edition offers softwareand hardware-based encryption that allows you to get more done while providing the peace of mind that your data is protected.

Dell Data Protection | Encryption Personal Edition

Give your organization the security it deserves.

DDPE PersonalDell Data Protection | Encryption Personal Edition offers comprehensive solutions with local management so you can be confident your data is secure

  • Ensure that your data is secure, wherever it resides. Software-based data-centric encryption enables you to easily enforce encryption policies, whether the data resides on the system drive or external media.
  • Protect your users, and your data. Exclusive to select Dell Latitude, OptiPlex and Dell Precision systems, the optional Full Volume Encryption solution equips your systems with military-grade protection without slowing down1. It is available with an optional Hardware Encryption Accelerator.

Software-based Data-Centric Encryption

As a component of Dell Data Protection | Encryption Personal Edition, Data-Centric Encryption gives you the confidence that your data is secure.It allows you to easily encrypt data, whether it resides on the system drive or external media. Available with select Dell Precision Workstations, Latitude Laptops and OptiPlex Desktop as a factory installed option, Dell Data Protection | Encryption Personal Edition provides FIPS-level protection and enables:

  • Easier compliance management: Features one touch-compliance policy templates and quick system recovery
  • Support for existing processes for authentication, patching and more
  • Comprehensive, flexible protection
  • System disk and port encryption in a single solution
  • Encryption of all data, except files essential to booting the operating system
  • Encryption based on user profiles and data sensitivity

Hardware-based Full Volume Encryption

For customers needing a high level of security that won’t break the bank, Dell offers Full Volume Encryption.2 Exclusive to select Dell Latitude laptops, OptiPlex desktops and Dell Precision workstations, you have the option to add military-grade, tamper-resistant protection by choosing the optional Hardware Encryption Accelerator that is installed in the factory. All data on a drive is encrypted, and the solution helps prevent attacks on crucial security information—all without slowing users down.

Full Volume Encryption features a high level of security and comprehensive encryption, including:

  • United States Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 Level 3 military-grade security, which offers tamper-resistant protection and identitybased authentication
  • Complete data encryption
  • Optional Hardware Encryption Accelerator that offloads encryption activities to keep users productive
  • Comprehensive protection—the encryption key is protected by the system firmware, a Hardware Encryption Accelerator and the Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
  • Reduced disruptions to end-user work flow
  • Data protection for all removable media types in a flexible, non-intrusive way

External Media Encryption

With External Media Encryption, you can encrypt external media and allow port access. It is included with both the software- and hardware-based versions of Dell Data Protection | Encryption Personal Edition that enables flexible protection to reduce workflow disruptions, and enables:

  • Easy formatting to help reduce time spent getting external media ready for encryption
  • Only a single login is necessary, not every time users want to access the drive, whether on a single or multiple systems


Available with select:

  • Dell Precision Workstations
  • Latitude Laptops
  • OptiPlex Desktops

Available for systems that meet the following criteria:

Notebooks, tablet PCs and desktops running:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Enterprise & Professional
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate, Enterprise & Business

CD Burning Software:

  • Nero InCD and InCD version
  • Vista Live File System (LFS)
  • Windows 7 and Vista native burning modes

Encryption Algorithms:

  • FIPS 140-2 validated: AES 128, AES 256, 3DES
  • Rijndael 128, Rijndael 256, Blowfish, Lite