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Dell Data Protection & Encryption
Data security keeps your business moving forward.


Information and ideas fuel growth and build value. Empower end users and secure sensitive data across your enterprise with Dell Data Security Solutions that:

From encryption and endpoint threat prevention to user authentication and compliance reporting, Dell data security solutions address top security threats and proactively protect your enterprise from unforeseen vulnerabilities.



Protect your business with intelligent, centrally-managed endpoint security and compliance solutions from Dell.

Endpoint Security SuitesEndpoint Security Suites

Address your critical needs in one integrated package with endpoint protection for data, systems and reputations, all managed via a single console.

Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise includes advanced threat prevention, enterprise-class encryption, and authentication. Revolutionary advanced threat prevention offers unparalleled efficacy against zero-day threats, advanced persistent threats and commodity malware. In fact, testing shows that our protection is 99% effective versus an average of 50% for traditional anti-virus. This suite also includes Dell's exclusive, patent-pending BIOS check technology to notify IT of potential BIOS tampering on select Dell commercial systems.

Intelligent EncryptionIntelligent Encryption

Protect information on any device and in the cloud with data-centric endpoint encryption. Centrally manage mixed IT environments with Enterprise Edition, which includes our server-based data security console for administration, audits, reports, compliance certificates and logs. Or set up and manage secure encryption at a local PC level with Personal Edition. Dell data encryption software works with Dell and non-Dell PCs as well as Macs, tablets and phones. Our centrally-managed data encryption solutions extend to public cloud storage, external media, self-encrypting drives, Microsoft® BitLocker™ and servers.

Advanced Threat Protection for EndpointsAdvanced Threat Protection for Endpoints

Move beyond baseline threat protection such as antivirus and address ever-evolving security threats including malware, zero-day exploits and targeted (spear-phishing) attacks. Dell Data Protection | Protected Workspace seamlessly contains, detects, and prevents the spread of malware by handling at-risk files in a virtualized, contained environment.

Endpoint Data RecoveryEndpoint Data Recovery

Capture vital business data with our continuous backup and recovery software. This set-and-forget application provides continuous backup to an external drive or network attached storage.


End-User AuthenticationEnd-User Authentication

Authentication is a foundational element of your security architecture. Security Tools facilitates the use of multiple factors — for example, the use of a password plus a fingerprint — to improve authentication security.

Security Tools integrates with the Dell ControlVault chip offered on select Latitude and Precision systems. ControlVault stores and securely processes credentials in an isolated hardware environment that protects the authentication process from malware.

Additionally, you can centrally manage and restore access to local data through the console included with our Encryption and Endpoint Security Suite solutions.

Risk Detection and ResponseRisk Detection and Response

Encryption is the gold standard for protecting data. But what do you do about insider threats and compromised access to encrypted data? With Absolute Data & Device security, you can supplement encryption with the ability to monitor devices and access data via an Internet connection. 

Set policies and alerts and investigate suspicious devices from a cloud-hosted console. You can use Absolute to set offline policies, create geofences, locate devices, freeze devices and remotely delete data.