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SonicWall Solutions for Secure Remote Access

Increasingly, corporations are building their communications fabric over the public Internet for cost savings, flexibility, and performance. With VPN technologies, data can now be transmitted securely to its destination without the risk of being corrupted or hijacked. SonicWall's broad range of VPN-based Internet security solutions facilitate both telecommuting and mobile computing. Whether you're a telecommuter seeking a secure alternative to the "untrusted" home network or a road warrior connecting from a hotel room, SonicWall has a solution designed to meet your specific business needs.

Mobile computing: SonicWall SSL VPN

Mobile computing today has become an integral part of the corporate network, which has rapidly spilled over its physical boundaries to encompass teleworkers, road warriors and even connections to partners and clients. With mobile computing having become such a major part of networking, establishing secure remote access has become a high priority. SonicWall's SSL VPN appliances extend secure remote networking to potentially thousands of locations, to provide anytime, anywhere access. The SSL VPN allows for unrestricted concurrent user tunnels, with no per-tunnel licensing—making this the most highly scalable VPN solution on the market.

Clientless connectivity

Because the SonicWall SSL VPN is clientless, it can be easily deployed. It's not necessary for IT staff to physically install hardware or software on each end node. Connections can be made on the fly, from any machine with an Internet connection and Web browser. The stateless connection is then dissolved after the session ends. The encrypted VPN tunnel protects the data being transmitted; and as an added layer of protection, granular access controls allow the administrator to delegate access privileges to different individuals or groups, so that they can access only specific, defined resources.

Seamless integration

The SonicWall SSL VPN appliance integrates seamlessly with virtually any firewall. However, when it integrates with SonicWall's own line of NSa, PRO and TZ appliances, you get the added advantage of integrated high-end, Unified Threat Management and content protection. And NetExtender capability adds other resources, allowing remote users to gain access to services that would not otherwise be available through an ordinary VPN, such as e-mail access through native clients residing on each remote user's laptop, access to both commercial and in-house developed applications, and greater flexible network access levels.

Effortless access

End users are able to launch a personalized Web portal, which displays the resources that are available to that individual user, based on corporate policy and access level. At the administrator level, an easy to use GUI provides a simple way to configure, monitor, and update user policies and configuration through the easy to use Global Management System (GMS).