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Requirements for a Modern Firewall Platform

Driving Better Outcomes with Flexibility, Ease of Use, and Strong Security


In the modern threat landscape, cybersecurity trends have become increasingly difficult to predict and even more difficult to plan for. Organizations are shifting to the cloud, using more IoT devices than ever and struggling to find talent with the skills needed to secure critical assets. Firewalls are essential pieces in any organization’s cybersecurity posture and should work to alleviate issues – not cause them. A solid firewall platform can not only identify and eliminate threats but can work in tandem with security teams to create a tour de force against all cyber risks.

SonicWall’s firewall platform provides strong security, ease of use, flexibility, centralized management and much more. Enterprise Strategy Group has written this eBook to showcase the indispensable features that take a firewall platform from mediocre to untouchable. In a world where threat actors are trying everything imaginable to steal data, disrupt development and hold organizations hostage, it’s imperative to know how to differentiate between protection that will cause headaches and protection that will make your life and the lives of your security team easier. Read the eBook today to understand the essential requirements for a modern firewall platform and more.


The shift to cloud, proliferation of connected devices, expanding threat landscape, and skills shortage have all conspired to make security more difficult than ever. Firewalls remain a critical aspect of any cybersecurity architecture and should help alleviate these problems, not add to them. Consolidated firewall platforms that provide strong security, ease of use, and flexibility can help security teams do more with less and efficiently protect their organization. SonicWall’s network security portfolio, consisting of both its enterprise-grade firewalls and Network Security Manager (NSM), helps converge network and security capabilities, supporting more consistent protection across the entire environment and more efficient threat detection and response.