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SonicWall TotalSecure SMB Bundle for SOHO Wireless
Stop new and future threats!

SonicWall TotalSecure SMB Bundle for SOHO Wireless

Despite being in different regions or industries, SMBs are up against similar threats to networks that are maintained in similar ways. Although most small and medium-sized business owners have a basic understanding of the internet and network safety, they don’t always know how to defend against modern threats.

The SonicWall TotalSecure SMB Bundle for SOHO Wireless offers SMB customers a comprehensive out-of-box solution to stop cyberattacks, while helping them understand and remediate issues.

This bundle includes:

  • A SOHO Wireless next-generation firewall
  • 2-year subscription to Capture Client Advanced (10 seats) to protect Macs, Windows PCs and Windows Servers
  • 2-year subscription to Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite (CGSS) to stop known cyberattacks
  • 2-year subscription to Capture Security Center (CSC) to manage security appliances and services from the cloud

Use this bundle to get a powerful yet cost-effective end-to-end cybersecurity solution.

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