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Rack Mount Kit for SonicWall SWS12-8 / SWS12-8POE



Rack Mount Kit for SonicWall SWS12-8 & SWS12-8POE

List Price: $159.00
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All rack mounts are subject to the availability of given stocks and can vary significantly
based on the timing and the size of the order.

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You can purchase the rackmount kit and hardware separately or save more by buying them bundle together. Each bundle comes with a hardware and rackmount design for that hardware.

Rack mount kit for:

- SonicWall SWS12-8
- SonicWall SWS12-8POE

The RM-SW-T8 gives you the ability to mount your SonicWall desktop appliances in a 19" rack. The rack is tailored specifically for the listed models to guarantee a perfect fit. In addition, the connections are brought to the front for easy access. The power supply is fixed to prevent an accidental loss of power.

Assembly will take about 5 minutes. Simply slide your SonicWall device in the kit, place the retainers, connect the supplied cables and keystones, and fix the power supply to the rack.

Image Views:

Color RAL 9005
Height 1U
(height x width x depth)
1.73 x 18.98 x 8.54 in.
Number of connections brought to the front 10
Console port to the front No
Cables None
Couplers None
Supported Models - SonicWalll SWS12-8
- SonicWall SWS12-8POE
What's in the box? - 1x SW-Rack + couplers
- Cables
- Assembly materials
- Installation guide

Download the RM-SW-T8 Datasheet (PDF).

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Rack Mount Kit for SonicWall SWS12-8 & SWS12-8POE
List Price: $159.00
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