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SonicWALL Advanced Gateway Security Suite
Complete network security in a single integrated package

SonicWALL Advanced Gateway Security Suite Diagram

Understanding network security can be complicated, but ensuring that your network is secure from known and unknown malicious threats shouldn’t be. SonicWALL™ Advanced Gateway Security Suite (AGSS) removes the complexity associated with choosing a host of add-on security services by integrating all the network security service required for total protection into a convenient, affordable package.

Available on SonicWALL TZ, Network Security Appliance (NSA), and SuperMassive firewalls, SonicWALL AGSS keeps your network safe from zero-day attacks, viruses, intrusions, botnets, spyware, Trojans, worms and other malicious attacks. Examine suspicious files at the gateway in a cloud-based multi-layered sandbox for inspection to keep your network safe from unknown threats. As soon as new threats are identified and often before software vendors can patch their software, SonicWALL firewalls and Cloud AV database are automatically updated with signatures that protect against these threats. Inside every SonicWALL firewall is a patented Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection® engine that scans traffic against multiple application types and protocols, ensuring your network has around-the-clock protection from internal and external attacks and application vulnerabilities. Your SonicWALL solution also provides the tools to enforce Internet use policies and control internal access to inappropriate, unproductive and potentially illegal web content with comprehensive content filtering. Finally, this powerful services bundle also includes around-the-clock technical support, crucial firmware updates and hardware replacement.

Benefits Overview:

SonicWALL Advanced Gateway Security Suite includes the following:

Features and benefits:

AGSS services at a glance:

Multi-engine sandbox, Gateway AntiVirus, Anti-Spyware and Intrusion Prevention, Application Intelligence and Control1 Service

1 Application intelligence and control is available on all SuperMassive, E-Class NSA Series, NSA Series and TZ400, TZ500 and TZ600 appliances.

Capture Advanced Threat Protection (Capture ATP):

Content Filtering Service (CFS):

Content Filtering Client:

24x7 Support:


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