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SonicWALL VPN Clients
Virtual Private Network (VPN) for secure remote access

SonicWALL VPN Clients

SonicWALL VPN Clients
IPSec Global VPN Clients
Global VPN Client for Windows - 1 License
List Price: $50.00
Our Price: $40.00
Global VPN Client for Windows - 5 Licenses
List Price: $215.00
Our Price: $172.00
Global VPN Client for Windows - 10 Licenses
List Price: $345.00
Our Price: $276.00
Global VPN Client for Windows - 50 Licenses
List Price: $595.00
Our Price: $476.00
Global VPN Client for Windows - 100 Licenses
List Price: $795.00
Our Price: $636.00
Global VPN Client for Windows - 1,000 Licenses
List Price: $3,995.00
Our Price: $3,196.00
UTM SSL VPN Licenses
Customers Please Note: SSL VPN Licenses CANNOT be shared across multiple SonicWALL Devices.
UTM SSL-VPN 1 User License
List Price: $50.00
Our Price: $40.00
UTM SSL-VPN 5 User Licenses
List Price: $215.00
Our Price: $172.00
UTM SSL-VPN 10 User Licenses
List Price: $345.00
Our Price: $276.00
UTM SSL-VPN 25 User Licenses
List Price: $450.00
Our Price: $360.00
UTM SSL-VPN 50 User Licenses
List Price: $595.00
Our Price: $476.00

VPN Client Overview:

Businesses large and small need to address the growing demands of more distributed work sites and an increasingly mobile workforce in order to compete in today’s global marketplace. Remote access has become a business imperative.

SonicWALL VPN Clients offer a flexible easy-to-use, easy-to-manage Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution that provides distributed and mobile users with secure, reliable remote access to corporate assets via broadband, wireless and dial-up connections. For remote client-to-host secure access, SonicWALL offers both SSL VPN and IPSec VPN connectivity options. For SSL VPN, SonicWALL NetExtender provides thin client connectivity and clientless Web-based remote access for Windows, Windows Mobile, Mac and Linux-based systems. For IPSec VPN, SonicWALL Global VPN Client enables the client system to download the VPN client for a more traditional client-based VPN experience.

Features and Benefits:

Enhanced layered security is enabled when a SonicWALL Network Security Appliance uses powerful deep packet inspection technology to scan VPN traffic for malicious threats such as viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware. The combined solution is known as SonicWALL Clean VPN*.

Easy VPN management SonicWALL’s award-winning Global Management System (GMS) provides simplified management of SonicWALL VPN Client connections.

SSL VPN for Network Security:

Global VPN Client:

*Clean VPN requires an active Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and Intrusion Prevention subscription for the governing SonicWALL network security appliance.

SonicWALL VPN Client Diagram

VPN CLient License Bundles:
Hardware: SSL VPN Client Licenses
Global VPN Client Licenses
TZ 105/TZ 105W Series 1/5 0/5
TZ 205/TZ 205W Series 2/10 2/10
TZ 215/TZ 215W Series 2/10 2/25
NSA 220 Series 2/15 2/25
NSA 250M Series 2/15 2/25
NSA 2400 2/25 10/250
NSA 2600 2/25 10/250
NSA 3500 2/30 50/1,000
NSA 3600 2/30 50/1,000
NSA 4500 2/30 500/3,000
NSA 4600 2/30 500/3,000
NSA 5000 2/30 500/3,000
NSA 5600 2/50 2,000/4,000
NSA 6600 2/50 2,000/6,000
NSA E5500 2/50 2,000/4,000
NSA E6500 2/50 2,000/6,000
NSA E7500 2/50 2,000/10,000
NSA E8500 2/50 2,000/10,000
NSA E8510 2/50 2,000/10,000


System Requirements for NetExtender
Hardware TZ 105, 205, 215 Series, NSA or E-Class NSA Series Appliance
Firmware/OS Requires firmware version 5.2 or higher

Windows 2000, 2003, XP/Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) Win Mobile 5 (Pocket PC), Win Mobile 6 (Classic/Professional), MacOS 10.4+ (PowerPC and Intel), Linux Fedora Core 3+ / Ubuntu 7+ / OpenSUSE

System Requirements for Global VPN Client
Hardware Requires third-, fourth- or fifthgeneration SonicWALL network security appliance
  • Requires firmware version 6.4.2 or higher or SonicOS 3.0 or higher
  • IBM-compatible computer with an Intel/AMD processor
  • Not supported by XP Home SP2 64 Bit Edition
Available Hard Disk Space 28 MB
RAM 512 MB
Network Connection Ethernet network interface card with NDIS compliant driver and/or dial-up adapter (internal or external modem, ISDN terminal adaptor) or wireless LAN
Technical Specifications for Global VPN Client
IPSec Modes ESP (Encapsulated Security Payload)
Encryption Algorithms DES (56-bit), 3DES (168-bit), AES (256-bit)
Data Integrity MD5, SHA-1
Authentication and Key Management IKE (Internet Key Eschange)
User Authentication RADIUS with XAUTH, Local User, LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory
Certificate Support Microsoft, Verisign, Entrust
Standards and RFCs Supported ESP Tunnel Mode, IKE (ISAKMP/Oakley): Internet RFCs Supported Key Exchange (RFC2407-2409), NAT-Traversal (IETF drafts), X.509 v3 certificates: (RFC2459), PKCS #7: Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard (RFC2315), PKCS #12: Personal Information Exchange Syntax Standard, FIPS Pub 46-1: Data Encryption Standard, FIPS Pub 180-1: Secure Hash Standard, Microsoft Vista 32-bit