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SonicWall Solutions For Business Needs

Organizations of all kinds face an array of security threats – and must react quickly with limited IT resources. To address these threats SonicWall provides security solutions for business needs such as networking, site-to-site communications, telecommuting, POS transactions, or Secure Web sites. SonicWall solutions are designed to meet the objectives of today's Internet-connected business.

Windows SBS & EBS
SonicWall announces the availability of its Email Security and Network Security solutions for Microsoft Windows Small Business Sever (SBS) and Essential Business Server solutions (EBS). If you use SBS or EBS, SonicWall solutions provide the necessary protection to secure these offerings. The SonicWall technologies, which provide an ideal complement to SBS and EBS, deliver a comprehensive security package that ensures SMB’s have access to enterprise class products at affordable prices. More info

Distributed Networking
In a distributed business model, branch offices and POS locations extend a company's reach into key markets, but that communication link must be available 24x7 and be able to support the business' applications. SonicWall VPN solutions help companies establish centralized control over remote access points and provide the robust security and performance needed for business continuance. More info

Network Protection
SonicWall Internet security appliances are built on deep packet inspection engine technology, the most effective way to protect network access. Deep packet inspection technology scans against multiple application types and protocols, ensuring your network is protected from both internal and external attacks and application vulnerabilities. SonicWall's deep packet inspection engine scales to protect all users, regardless of file size or the amount of traffic and, by working at the application layer, SonicWall's deep packet inspection protects against hidden application vulnerabilities that may be inadvertently letting attackers in through an unknown back door. This enterprise class technology is designed into every SonicWall Internet security appliance. More infor

Secure Remote Access
Increasingly, corporations are building their communications fabric over the public Internet for cost savings, flexibility, and performance. With VPN technologies, data can now be transmitted securely to its destination without the risk of being corrupted or hijacked. SonicWall's broad range of VPN-based Internet security solutions facilitate both telecommuting and mobile computing. Whether you're a telecommuter seeking a secure alternative to the "untrusted" home network or a road warrior connecting from a hotel room, SonicWall has a solution designed to meet your specific business needs. More info

Unified Threat Management
Attackers have become more sophisticated, and their attacks more targeted. Many of today's attacks are blended attacks, which actually use multiple techniques to try to infiltrate your network, and it's necessary to use an array of techniques to combat those attacks. But, managing multiple, separate security tools can be overwhelming and inefficient, not to mention expensive. Unified Threat Management (UTM) is the latest approach to security--bringing a new level of efficiency to the security field. More info

Voice Over IP
Businesses with converged networks in place—or are in progress of deployment—need a security strategy to protect all the assets on their network. Increasingly, streaming voice and video applications like VoIP, teleconferencing and digital voicemail are converged with existing data applications on the same networks. More info

Wireless Access
Security in wireless networking has always been a concern. Whether you are building a complete wireless network, or adding wireless to an existing wired network, wireless brings with it special challenges. Well-publicized stories about "war driving" and other techniques through which hackers can easily infiltrate a wireless network have raised awareness of the problem--and the need for a solution. More info

Mobility Solutions
Ultra-mobile laptops, PDAs and smartphones have become more cost-effective, and overtaken the predominant business role of traditional desktops. With expanding WiFi and 3G cellular networks, high-speed coverage is everywhere. Work is done from home PCs, third-party partner or customer networks or public access kiosks in airports, hotels and cafs. While mobility has many advantages, it also exposes networks to malware and regulatory compliance. More info

Flexible Backup and Disaster Recovery
Any backup is only as reliable as its ability to restore business data and applications when they are needed most. Small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) need to protect not only their data, but also the systems that access that data, such as, Exchange, SQL Server and Active Directory. SMBs also need the performance to backup and restore rapidly expanding volumes of data, while meeting stricter regulatory compliance for data archiving. And should disaster strike, SMBs need the flexibility to immediately recover the most current data to new locations or computer platforms. SMBs are challenged to find a single, simple backup and recovery solution to do it all within the constraints of limited budgets and resources. SonicWall Continuous Data Protection (CDP) offers the only complete end-to-end backup and recovery solution for SMBs. More info

Clean VPN
For IT managers, there is a new type of virus to worry about: the real-world H1N1 or swine flu virus. Gartner Inc. suggests potential absenteeism rates of 40% of employees or higher projected to be affected by it. Clean VPN enables organizations and their employees to stay productive and avoid unnecessary exposure to the Swine Flu or H1N1 virus by safely teleworking from a home office. More info

Clean Wireless Deployments
Deploying a secure wireless network can be a challenge. The SonicWall Clean Wireless solution dramatically simplifies the deployment of a wireless network while improving network security and centralizing the management of the entire network—wired and wireless. More info