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A Solution for Every Organization
The Anti-Spam & Email Security Platform

While most businesses now have some type of anti-spam protection, many must deal with cumbersome system management, pay-as-you-go functionality, frustrated end-users, inflexible solutions and a total cost of ownership much higher than they expected. SonicWall® Email Security (SES) can help.

Superior inbound email protection.

SES delivers its industry-leading spam, phishing and virus-laden email protection by combining Advanced Reputation Management (ARM) with Advanced Content Management (ACM). ARM logs and blocks junk emails coming from outside email servers before they can enter your network and degrade performance. ARM applies Sender IP Reputation, SonicWall’s unique GRIDprint technology and Bounce Address Tag Validation (BATV) for NDR (backscatter) messages. ARM also protects against Directory Harvest Attack (DHA) and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. ACM further analyzes the email using comprehensive layered techniques, including Adversarial Bayesian filtering, image analysis, gibberish detection, corporate or user allow/block lists and more. ACM scans content in email components (body, subject, attachments, etc.) to assure compliance with corporate policy, and can block or re-route non-compliant emails.

Complete outbound email protection.

In addition to full inbound protection, SES applies Outbound Threat Management (OTM) and Compliance Defense Management (CDM) to provide complete outbound protection on the same system. OTM combines anti-virus and time-zero protection services to scan all outbound email to ensure it is good and virus-free. OTM also identifies and blocks zombie-generated email and alerts the administrator.

CDM combines SonicWall’s built-in policy engine and compliance services to identify, route and report on compliance-related information entering or leaving the organization via email. The extensive CDM tool set includes compliance dictionaries, record-id (pattern) matching, compliance reports, approval boxes with alerts, archiving and encryption.

Easy-to-install, easy-to-manage, easy-to-own.

SES is easy to install using default configurations for basic needs, but is also flexible enough to support tailored customization. Using the 5-step Quick Configuration option, SES can be installed and operational in under an hour. SES eases management by automating mundane tasks such as signature updates, status reporting, and LDAP synchronization. SonicWall's industry-leading end-user tools improve productivity while retaining full IT control.

SES is easy to own because it is engineered to deliver greater value. SES is backed by the SonicWall GRID Network' global real-time threat updates; the SonicWall Research Lab's relentless vigilance against emerging spam, phish and viruses; and SonicWall Engineering's continuous product improvements to meet the changing needs of your organization.

A solution that fits your organization and your budget.

SonicWall offers a variety of flexible solutions to match the unique email security needs of your organization.

SonicWall Email Security Appliances SonicWall Email Security Appliances are for organizations from 25 users on up. The appliance comes with a hardened Linux-based OS and the SonicWall Email Security application installed. The best choice for organizations that want complete inbound and outbound email protection on one system from one vendor.
SonicWall Email Security Virtual Appliance SonicWall Email Security Virtual Appliance is ideal for distributed enterprises or managed service providers (MSPs) wishing to leverage shared computing resources to optimize utilization, ease migration and reduce capital costs. The best choice for organizations that want complete inbound and outbound email protection in a highly scalable VMware® environment.
SonicWall Email Security Software SonicWall Email Security Software is for organizations of 25 or more users and is designed to be installed on a Windows Server-based system. This allows the organization control of the platform as well as the email security application. The best choice for organizations that want complete inbound and outbound email protection on one system, but also require the ability to change, update, or add-on to the Windows-based system.
SonicWall SES for SBS SonicWall SES for SBS is for organizations up to 75 users for SBS and 300 users for EBS. Designed to be installed in the SBS or EBS server, it provides the full functionality of SonicWall Email Security including inbound and outbound email protection. The best choice for smaller organizations that utilize SBS or EBS servers that want inbound and outbound email protection and email services on one system.
SonicWall Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service (CASS) SonicWall Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service (CASS) is an add-on service for SonicWall TZ, NSa and E-Class NSa network security appliances. CASS eliminates inbound junk email at the gateway, before it enters the network. The best choice for smaller organizations and distributed enterprises that receive email on multiple locations, which need gateway-based inbound email protection to reduce network traffic.
SonicWall Anti-Spam Desktop SonicWall Anti-Spam Desktop blocks spam and phishing email on a Windows client systems utilizing Outlook, Outlook Express or Win Mail to receive email. This subscription service works with Exchange, POP or IMAP based inbound email. The best choice for single users and small offices who desire easy-to-install, client-based real-time protection against spam and phishing email.
Platform Features:
A Solution for Every Organization
A Solution for Every Organization
Automatic Updates
Automatic Updates
End-user controls
End-User Controls
Quick Installation Process
Quick Installation Process
Ip Reputation & Connection Management
IP Reputation & Connection Management
Monitoring and reporting
Monitoring & Reporting
Policy Management
Policy Management
Scalable & Flexible Deployments
Scalable & Flexible Deployments
Spam, phishing and virus protection
Spam, Phishing & Virus Protection
Zombie Detection Prevention
Zombie Detection Prevention
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